Prof. Eberhard Standl, Germany

Dr. Eberhard Standl is a Professor of Medicine, specializing in endocrinology and angiology, at the Munich Diabetes Research Group e.V. at Helmholtz Centre. Dr. Standl's principal areas of research include diabetology, action and degradation of insulin and epidemiology of cardiovascular diabetic complications. 

Previously, Dr. Standl was Director of the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetology and Metabolism at the Academic Hospital Munich-Schwabing. He also worked at the world-renowned Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Standl served as a Member of Scientific Advisory Board at LabStyle Innovations Corp. since May 2014. 

Dr. Standl has served as President of the German Diabetes Association, German Diabetes Union and International Diabetes Federation Europe as well as Vice President of the International Diabetes Federation and European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD).